Daily Empowerment

Positive thoughts to live by

About Me

Welcome – I’m Yoga Girl and this is my medium for getting my message out (instead of standing on the corner shouting at people looking like a lunatic!).  We all need support, understanding and encouragement.  I want the world to know that we are communal type beings, we want to be around other people.  Whether or not we are interacting with others, we all want the energy of another being in our presence. For some people this can be a pet rather than a person, but if you are like me, you live in a condominium and can’t have dogs or cats.  So this is one way for me to be with others – their energy, support and positivity.

Like everyone I’ve been through lots of challenging life experiences, but have made it through with lots of introspection, meditation and yoga.  The answers all come from within. 

I hope you find this blog inspirational and it resonates with you from time to time.



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