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Strong Women

You can tell who the strong women are….they are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down.


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YOUR Story To Tell

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” — Unknown

It’s YOUR story to tell.




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bruce lee



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Pulling Out the Weeds, “it’s therapy for the soul”

I just saw this today and HAD to re-post.  Please enjoy as much as I did…..it’s a great reminder for the beginning of a new year.



Pulling Out the Weeds, “it’s therapy for the soul”

How is it one day the yard is clear and then before you know it, there is a forest in the back yard, you start to notice the weeds around your ankles as you hang the washing out, weeds getting caught around your feet, hmmmm??

Not what you expect unless you are lucky enough to live in the bush or the forest, now that is a natural paradise where weeds create balance.

Today was one of those days, as I looked at our backyard I realized just how symbolic it was. It was time to clear the space…….There is nothing more therapeutic than pulling out the weeds in your garden.

Weeds may resemble;

* old mental attitudes or

* old patterns of behavior that can clog us up and not allow us to move forward.

* representation of what you have been neglecting and can be a ” WAKE-UP” to release old grudges and build upon future relationships.

* Weeds may represent old friendships or relationships that have gone awry.

The weeds are like the entanglements in your life, maybe they are old and it is time for them to go once and for all. They have served their purpose holding the structure together and not it is time to ” Up-root and get rid of them” 

There may be relationships in your life that no longer serve, people to weed out, old behaviors that no longer serve and a worn out lifestyle, habits that you feel shame of……. Get ready and enjoy this exercise of weeding out…..

Are YOU are ready for “Re-Vamp and upgrade”?

For some the tears may flow (is that is what is needed, let it be), there will definitely be sweat, dissolve any frustration with laughter and happiness, let it all go, you no longer need it, pull them out and then clear the space- dump the old emotions in the pile of weeds.

This is such a purification process, weeding out what no longer has a place in your life, it is time to be FREE and wipe the slate clean

Such an empowering exercise and at the same time very grounding for the SOUL.

If we keep going over the past, how will be ever re-write and re-create the future that we desire?

Life is about moving and looking forward with the excited and playful eyes of an adventurous child, with so many simple pleasures to enjoy along the way.

The garden may also be a deep reflection of your mind, the old thoughts, patterns…. weed out what no longer serves and brings you sadness and even sends you into a jealous tizzy!! … it serves NO ONE, so let it pass, All IS WELL.

WEED them ALL OUT, this is a year of completion, into the NEW YOU, remember they are all created by YOUR MIND….

So tend to and nurture the garden within and change your thoughts, then clear up the mess that you can see, your life and your garden/yard.

When those pesky weeds appear, pull them out as you move through life…

WE each have the potential to create a SECRET MAGICAL GARDEN full of excitement, Love, Joy, Wonder, Happiness and Adventure…it is all within us…. the perfect match awaits us, yet for some it is the old weeds that keep tripping them up?

Weed them out NOW, as the next day, the sun will shine brighter, your heart lighter and the new day of possibility awaits……

This is your party and the best is yet to come…. you can already taste it, dream it….. and possibly you are already creating the most beautiful and magical garden yet…. enjoy the ride un-folding!


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Favorite Quote

One of my favorite quotes —

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Let’s make 2016 a groundbreaking GREAT year!


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