Daily Empowerment

Positive thoughts to live by

True Beauty of Your Life

“Appreciate this and every moment, no matter how imperfect, for this moment is your life.”

This pearl of wisdom epitomizes the meaning of Wabi Sabi.





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Are You Ready?

Be Grateful for what you have, so you can be ready for what’s coming next.

Are you ready?


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Not Perfect

we are all the same — we are not perfect.  And that is how we are meant to be.

We are perfectly imperfect.  Even the Liberty Bell has a crack down the side!

To seek perfection is a journey to the unattainable….to seek progress is real and accessible.




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Live Fully

Living fully is about having faith in ourselves.

Be the hero of your own life story.

Live Fully!


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YOU Determine Your Happiness

A recent quote from Abraham-Hicks got me thinking.

We are in charge of our happiness, no one else is.  Don’t give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel.  Don’t use someone else as your excuse not to feel good.

Your happiness depends on YOU.


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People in Our Lives

Do you surround yourself with the right people?  Positive happy people?

I do and I have finally realized how important it is to also surround ourselves with positive, happy and SUCCESSFUL people.  Or you could describe them as people who we feel are further along than us, have accomplished more than us or that are more spiritual than us.

These people are not with us to make us feel inferior, to make us jealous or to damage our self-esteem…they are with us to inspire us, to motivate us and to spark within us the drive to be the best version of ourselves (because they are the best version of themselves!). 

And the best part of having these people around us….they don’t think they are any more evolved, successful or spiritual than we are.

I hope you have people like this in your life.  I know the ones in mine pick me up and keep me going when that thing called “life” takes me away from my spiritual readings, motivational writings and journaling. 

You know who you are, thank you!


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Your Calling

Do you have A Calling?  A desire that burns in your heart?

Does it nudge you every once in a while?  Does it whisper to you, or maybe even shout?

I know we all have our daily lives keeping us busy, but that Calling is always nipping at our heels.

Don’t let that Calling leave you.  Don’t let that dream disappear.

Keep that fire burning inside, keep that enthusiasm alive.

Stay passionate about seeing your dreams come to pass.

Your Calling is waiting!



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“I use memories but I do not allow memories to use me.”

Pretty powerful mantra, right?  I think it best describes how we should remember our past, but not to continue to live it.

Here’s to living today and having wonderment about tomorrow.


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Life is a Rollercoaster

I saw this quote on the way to work today.  It’s one of those businesses that have inspirational/funny quotes on their sign.

“Life is a rollercoaster.  Try to eat a light lunch.”

Cute, huh?  But also very thought-provoking. 

Life has ups and downs but we have to try to keep what I call evenmindedness.  Where we deal with the extremes with a calm and light demeanor.  Now that is not to say that we ignore or pretend things didn’t happen, but that we should feel our feelings and emotions in these times and not to get carried away with them or let them cloud any decisions we make.

I love rollercoasters but still can get that twinge of fear looking at how high it goes or how steep the drop is but I calm myself down by breathing and telling myself to enjoy the ride, because it will be over before I know it!


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Be Positive

If you can’t be positive, be quiet.

The Universe is always listening.


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