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Second Half

This weekend marks the halfway point of the year 2013.

Let’s not think of it (like a lot of people will) as “it’s all downhill from here”.  Instead, let’s think that it’s our opportunity to really make this year the year for YOU.

The chance to expand our minds and deepen our spirituality.

Shift gears and set up a new routine of taking care of you….your mind, body and soul.

Find time each day to take a few minutes and praise you.

Here’s to you and a fantastic rest of 2013!


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The Magic of Water

Water can cool us on a hot summer day.

Water can help the plants to grow bigger.

Water can clean our dishes.

Water (as rain) can create rainbows.

Water can hydrate our bodies.

Water (too much of it) can cause flooding and landslides.

But water can also —

     Carry away the sorrows we toss into it.

     Cleanse our bodies and souls.

     Give us life force energy.

The Magic of Water


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New Ending

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start now and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

We all have the opportunity to change and make our own reality.  You can start today, tomorrow, or even right now.

Here’s to creating YOUR best life!


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Beauty Above

Are you like me?  Do you watch the cloud formations in the sky?  Do you use your imagination to see what shapes they form?  Are you amazed by the different colors clouds can be besides white and gray?

Or do you glance up every once in a while to see if there are any rain clouds? – deciding if you need to take your umbrella today.  You may think, they are just clouds, made up of water.

But when it rains AND the sun is still shining, we get to see rainbows….the colorful spectrum of nature.

So, the next time you look up to the sky, take a moment and see nature’s beauty…..the beauty above.


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The Value of Giving

I was reminded again this weekend of the value of giving.

I met a grandmother who is the sole caregiver of her grandson who is severely handicapped.  He was born after her daughter was brutally attacked and killed when she was eight months pregnant.

A friend of mine met her and was compelled to help.  Through my friend’s story of being connected to and my meeting the family this weekend, I was overwhelmed with the love and gratitude the grandmother has.  Relying on public assistance and donations, she is grateful for everyone that cares and gives.  She showers her grandson with tons of love and affection.  All this love is definitely apparent when visiting the home.

When we were leaving, the grandmother hugged me for quite a while.

That made the time spent more worthwhile than anything else I could have been doing that afternoon.

That made the value of giving, priceless.



Live From Your Heart

What does this mean?

To me, living from your heart is living each day as a new page, waking up in gratitude, and going to sleep in gratitude.

Seeing the beauty in the green grass, blue sky and even gray clouds (cause you know they have silver linings, right?).

Relishing in the simple pleasures of life like driving to work with all green lights, getting that choice parking spot and the boss telling us we are closing early.

Enjoying spreading joy and love to everyone I meet, regardless of how they respond.

Making sure I have quiet time each day to meditate.

Being peaceful knowing I lived today from my heart.


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” Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”  – Unknown

We all have that unlimited power inside of us to do anything we put our mind to.

We have to believe in ourselves and our abilities.

Like the quote says… “whatever you think you can or can’t do, you are right”. 

Know that you have the strength to accomplish your dreams.


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It’s been coming up a lot lately in my daily readings that we are in control of our journey and if we don’t like it, we can change it.

But that brings up the conundrum — What do we change to?  When do we change?  Is this a temporary unhappiness and should we change at all?

It’s always been said that when we step outside our comfort zone we step into the world of wonderful possibilities.  It’s not easy but the reward is true joy and fulfillment.

So, again….do we change?

Sometimes we feel the need to change because we are unhappy with our job or a relationship.  But sometimes, we just feel there is more.  More challenge, more fulfillment, more joy, more to life than what we are doing now.  And we want it!

Your Calling is inside you.  It whispers and talks to you all the time.  It has created that wanting within you.  If you listen, it can guide you to the life that you desire.

Now again, do we change?

Your intuition also has a say in what you should do.  Meditation also frees your mind from the “clutter noise” so you can hear the truth.  Or in a quiet moment by yourself, ask the question out loud, then remain open and silent listening for the answer.  It may not come right away, but continue to ask the universe (or your guides). 

When you are ready it will be revealed.


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Do you have questions?

Are you unsure what to do?

Do you wonder how to make things happen?

The solutions are found in meditation.

Silencing the mind from chatter allows you listen and hear the answers.

Do you meditate?  If not, start today.  You don’t need any special equipment, just you.


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Why Wait?

Whatever you can do or dream of doing, begin it now. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Do it now.  Start that new class, write that book and meet those new people.

Now is the time to embark on that path to your dream, your destiny. 

Seek your calling.

Why wait?




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