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Something Better

When you don’t get what you want it is because there is something better on its way to you.



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Be Here and Now

Be here and now.

There is no rewind button in life…there is no fast forward button.

There is only the play button.

Be here and now.




Memorial Day

United States Flag

In remembrance…


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Perfect Person

Do you think that you will be happy once everyone likes you? 

Do you think that if you wear the “right” clothes, have the “right” hairstyle, listen to the “right” music, do the “right” things/hobbies, that people will accept you?

It takes too much time and energy to be who you think people want you to be….be yourself.

When you authenticity shines through the “right” people will appear in your life.  People who resonate with you, people who “get” you.

So don’t try to become the perfect person for everyone else….become the perfect person YOU are meant to be.

Rejoice in the perfect person you are right now.


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Get In The Game

Do you feel like you are watching your life like a movie?  Are you watching it from the sidelines?

It’s your life, you can make it whatever you want.

Dive right in and start writing that new chapter of your life.

Just do it!  Get in the game!


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I started writing 4 different posts for today and couldn’t finish any of them. 

So I decided to write about being confused….i mean about having so many thoughts running around in your head, that you can’t even finish one to work through it.

I’m concerned, i’m sad, i’m angry, i’m worried…(but I am still happy and joyful underneath it all, LOL). 

And I attribute it to this unsettled weather, specifically the wind.  It always seems to stir up more than the leaves on the trees.

It seems to stir up my usually calm and stable mind and emotions.   So, more meditation and breathing exercises are needed today.  More journaling and reading of positive writings.

I know there is wind again today but now I am prepared with my “Life Toolbox” of what will help me stay even-minded.


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Like a Butterfly

butterfly quote


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What Do You REALLY Want?

“Tell me what you want – what you really, really want…”

We know it from the Spice Girls but this should be the universe’s mantra.   

Today, in your mind, in your words and in your heart, tell the universe what you want.

Believe it, feel receiving it, visualize it.

So….what do you REALLY want?


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Bigger Than You Think

“….put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us”

These are partial lyrics to a pop song that always strike me as being so powerful.

We should all think that we have greatness inside us that is so much bigger and vast than our physical bodies are and that our minds can imagine.

Starting today, make all your thoughts, ideas and intentions from that place where we know that power is within us.  Reach for that idea, strive for that dream, know that you can achieve it and you do deserve it.  Abundance is in your future. 

And, put your hands up like the ceiling can’t hold you!


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The Easiest Thing

If you are like me, you are on multiple email lists from holistic healing, mediation and yoga to spiritual cleansing, life coaching, positive thinking…..you get the picture.

Sometimes, there is just overload of what class, method or modality is right and will work for me.  Now, I have attended meetings of different life changing techniques and I have gained bits and pieces of knowledge along the way. 

But we don’t necessarily need to learn anything new.  The easiest thing we can all do to change our lives for the better is to live life with LOVE.

Love nature, love that we wake up in the morning healthy, love the food we eat, love that we have good friends around us, love of those who have inspired us…..love of everyone and everything.

It’s the easiest thing.


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