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Spring Soul Cleaning

Have your done your Spring Soul Cleaning yet?

Let’s take out the old ways of thinking to make room for new thoughts.

Be grateful instead of feeling lack.

Love yourself instead of worrying what other people think of you.

Let go and let things happen instead of fighting for control.

Realize the greatness within you instead of thinking you are not enough.

Start your Spring Soul Cleaning today and live your best life NOW!


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Be Yourself

I read a fantastic quote this morning — “There Is No Alternative To Being Yourself.”

Yep, that’s right.  Being your authentic self is the only way to go. 

It takes too much of your precious energy to be fake, false and phony.

Be yourself and retain all your energy for YOUR wonderful life.


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The Packaging

I read the greatest quote the other day — “A great mind is just a great mind, and I try not to worry too much about what package it’s in.”

Just another reminder that we should not judge people by the way they look, speak or act.  We never know if the next person we meet (who we might not normally give a second glance to) will be that person in our lives that makes a difference.

Some people say their mentors, teachers and guides in their life have been the people they least expected them to be.

So, never judge a book by its cover or judge a mind by its package.


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Daring Greatly

I shared my story of a breakthrough/shift I had in my life last week.

To get to the breakthrough though, I had to be vulnerable.  It was scary but i felt OK sharing as I knew I was surrounded by much love and support.

What I didn’t know is how much being vulnerable is part of growing, evolving and learning.

And it’s not a weakness, it’s a strength.

It’s courageous.

I think you can meditate, pray and visualize all day long, but some type of action has to also be involved for something to manifest.

Being vulnerable and sharing is risky and uncomfortable, but the reward can be wonderful.

Brene Brown likes to call it “Daring Greatly” from Theodore Roosevelt’s speech “Citizenship in a Republic”.  It’s a very powerful quote.



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Becoming Unstuck

I have a dear friend who is a TRUE Life Coach.  Her business motto is “From Stuck to Unstoppable”.

Well, I became “unstuck” in part of my life last week.  WOW!  It was quite a powerful experience and I was able to share it with my friends in my Ho’oponopono class. 

It’s freeing, makes you feel so much lighter.

But then the next day, I felt uncomfortable, weird…..EVERYTHING was now different.  Somehow my habits, patterns, etc. felt wrong, that that’s not what I was supposed to be doing.

I felt I needed to contact someone who had witnessed it (and felt it also in their life) to receive comfort that everything is going to be OK at some point and that everyone is praying for me.  What a relief!  After that I felt I also needed a quiet day (not talking much to anyone or seeing anyone) to digest, reflect, journal and process this big shift.

It has taken me a quite a few days for the fear of now and what is to come to dissipate, but I know that I am better, stronger and a much more fantastic, grateful person for this transformation.

Have you experienced a big shift in your life?  Did you become Unstuck?  How did you handle it?


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Just Be Here and Breathe

Be here.

Don’t fret over the past or worry about the future.

Here is where you are supposed to be.

Just be here and breathe.



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You Were Meant to Fly

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” — Rumi

You are a beautiful energetic being, meant to share your greatness.

Continue to expand your inner power.

Continue to evolve your potential.

You were meant to fly.


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In Honor

In honor of my pending attendance to see Joel Osteen tomorrow night —

Don’t tell your God how big your problems are, tell you problems how big your GOD is.” — Joel Osteen

T.G.I.F. – Thank God I’m Fabulous!


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Light and Love

We love.

If you light a candle in a dark room, the darkness disappears.  The light is not swallowed up by the dark.

The light in our humanity is love.

Remember to be loving.

Remember to be kind.

Remember to help.

Remember that we are all connected.


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Moving Forward

Do you have trouble moving forward?  Are you stuck?

We need to release the past and move on.  Now I’m not saying forget or stop thinking about your past, but letting go of the bad emotions, suffering and judgment that are attached to those experiences.  Do not feel guilty about moving on from those damaging thoughts.

Do not live in the past, live in the present.

Your past is not WHO you are, but has helped shape WHAT you are.


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