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Help Others (and Help Yourself)

The other day I took my neighbor some fruit that I know she likes as she had mentioned it to me once.

She was surprised that I remembered and was thankful at how thoughtful I was.  Well, it turns out she is fighting off a cold and some fresh fruit with vitamin C was exactly what she needed. (Crazy how the universe works, huh?)

I am sure she was very touched by my gesture.  But I think the feeling I got in knowing how much I helped her in this time of need was much deeper.

I have been finding out lately, and experiencing it, that the more you give of yourself, you get even more back in return from that universal Light.

So, help someone today.  It may be holding the door open for someone or it may be taking a friend to the doctor or grocery store.  Do Random Acts of Kindness and see how beautiful YOUR life will become.


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Know Yourself

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment. — Lao Tzu

If you had to, could you write down all of your wonderful qualities?   How many could you list?

Today, take a moment and think about who you are.  Not the color of your hair or size of your clothes, but you, the real you inside, your heart and soul. 

Get to know you!


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Wear Your Crown

Always behave as if you’re wearing an invisible crown.  You’ll treat everyone better, including yourself.

I saw this quote today and wanted to squeak one more post about self-love during the heart month of February.

Who better to pat you on the back?  I know some people will joke about “not breaking your arm patting yourself on the back”, but who is going to encourage us, love us and support us when there is no one there at the moment.  So, by acting as if you are a queen, you are acknowledging all of the blessings the universe has sent you.  You are sharing them with others and cultivating more in your future.


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Forgiveness is not about being nice and kind; it’s about letting go so you can claim the amazing future that awaits you.

Keep moving forward.  Your destiny is too great.


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Be You, Just You

Be who you are, honestly, truthfully, and entirely.  There is no one who can be you better. — Harmony McCormick-Witstyn

So, be you….just you.


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Create Your Future

Create Your Future?  You Can!

Get out some paper (or turn on your computer).  Pretend it is one year from today.

Write a letter to a friend as if you have accomplished all that you wanted to accomplish.  Go into detail.  Feel the joy.  Share your thrill as you detail your success.

By doing this, which you can do as often as you want, you can command the universe to bring you what you need to make it your new reality.

It starts today.


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Simple Prayer

I wanted to share a simple prayer I came across written by Dr. Rick Barrett.

Lord God you are my creator.

I love you.

I am part of you, therefore, I cannot fail because you cannot fail.

I am capable of everything.

Ultimate health, happiness and success because I am part of you, and you are completely capable.

Every good wish I have, I can have, because you wish it for me.

I will not linger in darkness and doubt, because the spirit of your light illuminates my way.

You are in me and I am one with you.

Together we can accomplish miracles.


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You CAN Choose

Yes, you can choose —




and happiness!


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You Know What You Want

You know what you want…Yes, you do.

You always know what you want.  You may not want to admit it, not even to yourself.

Sometimes it’s just easier to say you don’t know what you want.

But that’s a lie – you do know.

Admit it.

No one is looking.

No one is listening.

So what do you want?


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Happy Valentine’s Day

“Love is the beauty of the soul.” – Saint Augustine

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! ♥


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