Daily Empowerment

Positive thoughts to live by


Just like butterflies, flowers blossom into things of beauty —

“And the day came when the risk (it took) to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anais Nin

Unfold and grow into that beautiful butterfly or flower that you are.


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Like Butterflies

In our spiritual growth, we are like butterflies, struggling to escape the chrysalis.  The struggle to emerge is the part of the process to develop our strength. 

Seeking and finding support from other “soon to be butterflies” helps us to gain more courage to grow and become free.

We cannot shorten or take short cuts through the metamorphosis.  This would cause us to not have strong enough wings to fly.


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Feel It

I heard a great quote last night – “To heal it, you need to feel it.”


I could go on and on about what this quote means and what is encompasses but it really is so short, sweet and to the point.

We need to look at spiritual growth and life challenges just like a physical workout.  If we don’t put in the time, effort and emotion…nothing is going to change.  All those expressions apply to spirituality as they do to physicality —

No pain, no gain…..You’ve gotta work up a sweat….Stretch, work those muscles and become stronger….

So let’s get out there and flex those spiritual muscles and become powerful divine souls.


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Accept Yourself

I read something last week and was trying to write about it in my own way, but found I couldn’t explain it any better, so here is what I read —

Accepting yourself for all you are means accepting all of the flaws and all of the Light.

Sometimes we judge ourselves harshly for the things we aren’t instead of appreciating the awesome Light within us. This is why we become takers instead of givers. When we don’t acknowledge our own Light, we seek it in the form of energy from others – attention, approval, gratitude, etc.

Embracing all of ourselves, enables us to become a better conduit to share more with others.

We are all beautiful beings.  Let’s appreciate how wonderful we are.


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Spiritual Work

Whether it’s sharing, meditating, leaving our comfort zone, or studying, we do our spiritual work because we have certainty that it will lead to the place where the hurdles before us today will cease to exist.

No matter what darkness is in our lives, there WILL be Light.


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Love Starts

Love starts with you.  Self-love is the most important tool you have.

You are fantastic, you are beautiful, you are unique.  You are YOU.  Love YOU for what you are.

Don’t try to be a second anybody; be the first, only and wonderful you that was created.


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Woman of Strength

I was going to write about self-love today but a friend started my day with the following quote that I want to share with you (I’ll write about self-love tomorrow) —

A strong woman believes that she’s strong enough to face her journey but a Woman of Strength has Faith that it is this journey that she will become Strong!


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Surround yourself with love.


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Take Care of Yourself

Rest when you need to.

Cry when you need to.

Talk when you need to.

Pray when you need to.

Laugh when you need to.

Take Care of Yourself!


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Celebrate You

Love what you see in the mirror.

Get comfy in your own skin.

Celebrate you!


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