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Positive thoughts to live by

I Am

Wow!  Two little but powerful words.

There is much written about how much stronger “I am” statements are rather than “I feel” or “I will be”.  Wayne Dyer’s latest book, Wishes Fulfilled, reiterates the importance of using “I Am” in your intentions and meditations.

And it’s not the ego talking, it’s your self that is striving for the light, the feeling of bliss that comes with being in harmony with the world and your purpose.  The joy of being your authentic self.

We are all wonderful, beautiful beings that deserve a fantastic and fulfilling life.

I am still amazed at the surge of energy that overcomes me every time I utter those words.  If you don’t use “I Am” in your daily affirmations, meditations or intentions, try it.  Even if you don’t feel it, the universe feels the positive vibration.


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Transition Stage

There is the time in between where we are and where we are going.  Where we are transitioning from one life challenge to the next.  When we’re patient and we give ourselves time to get to that next chapter or step in life, there is a lot that can happen that could be meaningful to us.

Take notice and take it slow.  It’s not about how fast or slow we approach it, it’s about the preparation for what’s to come.


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Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Make that change now.  Make that leap now.

Despite the fear, despite the unknown – do it today.

Don’t just talk about living your dream, be it, do it!

Start the journey today!

What are you waiting for?

Remember, “To live doesn’t mean you’re alive.”

Come alive today!


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You Are Wonderful

This is one of my favorite sayings and wanted to share again –

Never let a day pass without looking for the good, feeling the good within you, praising, appreciating, blessing and being grateful.

Make it your life commitment and you will stand in utter awe of what happens in your life.

We are all special and wonderful!


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True Direction

Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction.


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The Right People

I was talking to a friend the other night.  He was telling me that his roommate “advised” him via a letter on the table (not even face to face) on a Friday morning that he needed to move out by Sunday.  My friend (who I would know if he was lying) said that nothing happened, no fight, no disagreements, etc.  In fact, he said they had a great time hanging out Thursday night.  And when he got home from work on Sunday, the locks were changed.

At first, I was angry at this roommate.  But then we discussed it and realized that if this is the kind of person he was, then it was better that he was not in his life.

Then I read Mary Manin Morrissey’s Daily Dream Builder and it hit the nail on the head.  Mary says you can create a “Master Mind” group and surround yourself with supportive and caring people who believe in you.  Make sure that they believe in your possibilities, stand for your greatness and help you remember who you are when you may forget.

These people have the power to influence our thoughts, feelings and actions; and ultimately, the results we create in life. 

The support we create and accept in our lives greatly affects our success.


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Savor the Moment

Society says we should always be striving for more.  For a better career, fulfilling relationship, more money, etc. etc.

And it’s OK to want progress. 

But our spiritual growth should not suffer.  Our souls should still be nourished.  We should be savoring the moment we are in because we will have far fewer opportunities to enjoy arriving that we will have to enjoy the journey. 

And I know sometimes, we are in a transformational stage that’s uncomfortable.  So how do we appreciate these uncertain moments?

Believe that every part of the process can be beautiful and joyful.  This will bring a sense of calmness and peace.

I guess wanting to spread our wings and fly makes us feel like we are not “stuck”.  But happiness is recognizing that we are never stuck.  We are always growing and evolving, along with the world.

The greatest adventure is the one we are in right now.


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Peace Within

With all of our responsibilities and challenges in life it can be hard to find time for peace.

Amidst all the chaos, we can always access that stillness that resides within us.  Take a quiet moment to find life’s answers and harmony will follow.


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We all know and feel deep down what our own path should be and strive to follow it.

Without an instruction book or map, it can be difficult at times.

But we have to be patient and know that if we keep our eye on the goal while taking the journey we will make it there. 

The important thing to remember is to let your inner voice be your guide.  It knows the way.

The simple act of listening to intuition results in serenity.  Making the adventure a little bit easier.


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When to Take Risks

I’ve been taking small risks lately towards my goal, my vision and it is kinda scary but exciting at the same time.  It is much more fulfilling that doing nothing. 

I would like to take bigger risks but financially I’m not sure how to choose when to invest in myself.  Do I take a course, or find free classes?  Do I pay for that networking event or try to do it on my own?  How do I determine when to take a financial risk when resources are limited?  What risks are the right risks to take?

But there aren’t right risks – only smart ones.

It’s a smart risk if it aligns with my priorities and values.  It’s well researched but it’s also trusting my instincts to direct me. 

A smart risk may still feel terrifying, even when armed with knowledge and preparation.  But I shouldn’t let fear decide what’s possible.  I may sometimes lose, but I’ll always gain something, whether it’s experience, insight or character.

Odds are I’ll never regret taking chances on myself, because deep down I know the most wasteful choice is doing nothing because I’m scared.


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